I am currently working as an adjunct / assistant researcher at the University of Iceland. My current research is in the field of dissociative electron attachment (DEA) of large inorganic molecules, under the supervision of Prof. O. Ingólfsson. My previous research experience, however, encompasses spectroscopy and dynamics of small molecules and radicals (e.g. HCl, DCl, HBr, HI, CH3I, CH3). I also have an invested interest in experimental astrochemistry, e.g. fragmentations of PAHs, chemical evolution of the ISM and its spectroscopic properties, etc.

During my PhD, my research’s main focus was on the photofragmentations of hydrogen halides. These were studied with mass-resolved resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) and velocity map imaging (VMI) experiments, performed in Prof. Á. Kvaran’s lab at the University of Iceland, and P. Samartzsis’ lab at the FORTH institute of electronic structure and laser in Crete. My doctoral thesis can be found here. /pdf


Dissociative electron attachment

What is astrochemistry?